Sgt. Scottie Swindle died at the age of 47 after suffered a cardiac arrest at home. He was treated at UAB Hospital.

According to Northport Fire Rescue he was being treated with post arrest therapeutic hypothermia (keeping body temp @90 degrees for 24 hours) to aid in healing his heart & brain.

The sad news about his passing came Saturday when Northport Fire posted this statement on their Facebook page, “With great sadness we are informing that our brother Sgt. Scottie Swindle has died.

After confirmation of poor CT scan results, he was removed from the ventilator at UAB around 5pm Saturday.

Please continue to PRAY for his family, Northport Fire Rescue and Concord Fire. We love you brother RIP.”

Here at WVUA 23, our thoughts and prayers go out to Sgt. Swindle, his family, and the Northport Fire Rescue team.

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