UPDATE: Reform residents should have running water Saturday

Reform 1
People donating and gathering water in Reform, Pickens County

UPDATE: Residents in Reform will have something to celebrate besides the new year. The city should have running water fully restored Saturday. Mayor Melody Davis said the city’s two water tanks are almost full. Once the tanks are full water can be established to each home. Everyone is still encouraged to conserve water and only use what is necessary. A boil water advisory is still in effect.


Relief is coming soon to people who have been living for days without running water in Reform.

Mayor Melody Davis announced on a social media post Friday that all the leaks have been repaired. Now, they are anxiously waiting for the levels in the water tanks to increase a little more. Once the water reaches a certain level the water will be restored to homes.

Until then the mayor is still asking the residents of Reform to conserve water as much as possible.

The people of Reform have been without running water since last week when the mayor said cold conditions caused old pipes to freeze.

“The pipes dated back to 1940. So, it is now almost 2023. They are at a point where they can’t be patched. I think they have done a lot of repairs over the years. I became mayor here two years ago and the pipes are beyond repair. They have to be replaced,” said Davis.

The city of Reform recently received a state grant to update the city’s entire water system. That project is expected to begin in January.  Mayor Davis told WVUA 23 News that the grant can only be used on future projects, not current ones.

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