Relaxed COVID-19 restrictions could be on the horizon

We’ll take all the good news we can get, especially when it comes to the nearly two-year coronavirus pandemic.

According to DCH Health System, as of Tuesday, they were treating 110 COVID-positive inpatients.

University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences Chief Medical Officer Dr. Thomas Weida said we’re not out of the omicron woods yet, but relaxed restrictions could be coming sooner than later.

“I think it is a little soon yet to let the guard down,” Weida said. “We are still in the red zone, but I think in a few weeks we will start opening things up more and being more relaxed because the infectivity rate will be much less.”

Weida said once most of the population is either vaccinated or has already experienced the variant, the virus has nowhere else it can go and will peter out.

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