New Restaurant

Reggae Flava, located in Temerson Square, had its grand opening on Thursday, May 28.

Romeo Tomlinson and his wife Tamara had this dream together of opening their own restaurant. She passed away last year while battling breast cancer, but Tomlinson still managed to open it.

Mayor Walt Maddox was at the ribbon cutting ceremony and is excited to see how this can be a bright spot in this difficult time.

“I think it’s a great example of the American dream, that even in one of the worst crises our country has ever faced that we can find business owners who are persevering, who are willing to make their dream happen,” Maddox said. “You know it’s not easy and Romeo knows it’s not easy, but he’s going to persevere. His business is going to make it, we’re not going to let them fail.”

A portion of the restaurant is named ‘Tam’s Island” and Romeo included sentiments throughout the restaurant to honor his late wife.

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