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Reported and Written by WVUA 23 Reporter Erin McNally

Road rage can happen anywhere and a new bill has been introduced through the Alabama legislature aiming to reduce it.

The bill is called the Anti-Road Rage Act and was proposed by Alabama lawmaker Phillip Pettis.

The bill makes driving in the left lane for more than a mile and a half without passing a vehicle in the right lane a ticketable offense. Driver E.J. Harrell said he has mixed feelings about the proposal.

“I think it’s helpful at least so that way you know people can, you know, keep going if they need to keep going,” Harrell said. “But at the same time, if I’m traveling for a long distance and I want to stay in the left lane to keep going fast, if I have to go behind somebody that’s slower than me, afterward I might be a little more upset.”

Drivers around Tuscaloosa agree that even though they may not give in to road rage, it’s frustrating getting stuck behind a driver in the left lane.

“It’s aggravating,” driver Jack Vaughan said. “Particularly if you’re in a hurry. I never let it bother me because I’m retired and I get away with it.”

Some drivers said they don’t see how it will be enforced.

“I mean unless you’re gonna sit there with the police sitting there the entire time riding in those lanes, how are you really going to know how long they were over there,” driver Sonja Clifton said. “So unless you’re going to give me my own little plaque to do it myself, it’s kind of pointless.”

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