Red Cross highlighting sickle cell disease in September

The Central-West Chapter of the American Red Cross is getting the word out about sickle cell disease.

Those who suffer from the genetic condition have red blood cells that are crescent or “sickle”-shaped.

The cells do not bend or move easily and can block blood flow to the rest of the body, causing lifelong complications.

Shatina Nwosu with the Red Cross said this condition impacts more than just those in the African American community.

“It also impacts people with a Hispanic background, Mediterraian descent and Asian descent,” she said. “We are seeing those numbers increase more and more but for most patients that are in the hospital, they are African American.”

Several blood drives will be taking place in September.
The first blood drive focused on sickle cell awareness is happening Sept. 7 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the McDonald Hughes center in Tuscaloosa.

You can learn about other blood drives happening around West Alabama right here.

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