Book Sale

There’s nothing quite like curling up with a book on a rainy day, and on Saturday many book fans had that chance with some of Tuscaloosa’s talented authors.

The Fall for the Authors Festival, hosted at Ernest and Hadley Booksellers, was a book-lover’s winter wonderland, said author Mark Mayfield.

“It’s like literally a kid in a candy store, being in this place,” Mayfield said.

Bookstore Manager Avery Leopard said it’s a festival that means a lot to Tuscaloosa’s authors and book lovers alike.

“It’s a chance for not only local authors to get their books on the shelves, but we also invite authors form all over the country — published or self-published — just sort of opening the doors to give people an opportunity,” Leopard said.

Rain ruins many a fun weekend event, but it didn’t slow down the festival.

“It’s like it made it even better in a way, because we’re all in there kind of together and I just love it,” Mayfield said. “I think it’s really a time to talk about literary work and writing and story.”

Conversation is the best part of it, Mayfield said, along with spending time with writers in and around Tuscaloosa.

“I love talking about writing, so who better to talk about writing than with writers?” he said. “And then others coming in to buy books. It’s loads of fun to talk to readers, so it’s a pleasure.”

Ernest and Hadley is located at 1928 Seventh St. in Tuscaloosa.

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