Quick tips to help you beat the heat this summer

With temperatures in West Alabama reaching the upper 90s, air conditioners can quickly run at full capacity. The Department of Energy has these ten tips to help keep you and your house cooler this summer.

  1. Close your blinds – You can also invest in some block-out curtains to shield your home from the sun.
  2. Block the heat – Use awnings or trees to shade your home. If you can, invest in window tinting or adding more insulation to your attic.
  3. Just 1 degree more – Experts recommend setting the thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer, or as high as you feel comfortable. Increasing your thermostat by just 1 degree in warm weather can reduce the running cost of your appliance anywhere from 3-5%.
  4. Adjust ceiling fans – Set ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise in summer to push air straight down helping to create a cooling effect. In warmer weather and set the fan speed on high.
  5. Close doors and seal any gaps – Close doors to rooms you aren’t using to keep cool air where you need it most. Seal gaps around doors and windows to ensure the cool air can’t escape.
  6. Hang out in the evening – Cooking dinner in the backyard or at the park may be a cooler alternative to being in a steamy kitchen. Make the most of a cool breeze when you can.
  7. Chill out, not chill on – Sip icy-cold drinks, apply a damp cloth to your neck and other pressure points on your body, or have a cold shower to cool your body.
  8. Hack a fan – A cleverly-positioned bowl of ice is all you need to turn a fan into a cold mist machine. Place a shallow bowl or pan of ice in front of a fan for an icy-cool breeze.
  9. Choose cotton – Cotton fabrics are super breathable and help cool your body. Wear light, loose clothing made of breathable fabrics like cotton, and fit your bed with cotton sheets.
  10. Change your lightbulbs – Incandescent lightbulbs are being phased out might still be to blame as many homes still use them. They produce a lot of heat, so switching to energy-saving bulbs can help cool your home and save on energy costs.

WVUA 23 also tagged along with a service team from Premier Service Company, Inc. They gave us several tips on how you can keep your A/C unit healthy year round.

  • Clean your coils – maintenance of your system keeps your unit running more efficiently, which can save you money because the motor does not work as hard.
  • Upgrade your A/C – If you’re looking to invest in a new air-conditioner, choose one with a high energy-star rating. Do your research to ensure you choose the right type of air-conditioner for your home.
  • Change your filter regularly – The technicians with Premier say the absolute easiest thing anyone who owns an air conditioner can do is regularly change out your filters once a month.


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