Lgbt Sessions Protest

The Senate Judiciary Committee is asking for more time before they vote on President Donald Trump’s attorney general pick.

Alabama’s own Sen. Jeff Sessions is up for the appointment. During his hearing, he’s denied decades-old allegations of racism, and pledged to maintain freedom and equality for all Americans if he’s confirmed.

In Tuscaloosa, more than a dozen protesters showed up at Government Plaza today in protest of Sessions’ potential confirmation.

Eva Kendrick with the Human Rights Campaign said that although they expect Sessions will be confirmed, it’s still important that they voice their concerns.

“We will continue to hold President Trump and Sen. Sessions accountable,” she said. “We will continue to hold all members of President Trump’s administration accountable. When each of these persons takes an oath to serve all Americans, we expect that to be what they live out.”

Sessions needs 50 votes to pass the Senate floor, and Republicans have a 52-seat majority. The vote is scheduled for Jan. 31.

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