The Tuscaloosa County Commission has a new park proposal to talk about. With the support of para, commissioner Reginald Murray has proposed an idea for a new recreational center and a water theme park for district four. He feels its now time for his district to have their own rec center. The 108-acre center would be located on interstate 20/59 in Foster. The property also contains a lake and multiple buildings that would be used for the rec center. Murray say, if the park was approved there will also be areas to host wedding and parties.

The community has been very supportive of the idea. They say, having a rec center in Fosters will be very good for the economy. “It should bring people to the area, maybe it would bring some business which would be great, some more restaurants would be fantastic, hopefully improve the area as far as income maybe even bring housing out this way.” -Sandy Kilpatrick

Others say, kids in the Ralph-Fosters area need a better park area. “I think it would be a great idea because there are a lot of children here in Fosters. The kids would love it, they’d be happy about it and the parents would be happy they would have a place to take the children.” -Barbara Smelser

County Commission has already approved $700,000 to purchase property for a park in district four and Murray has requested an additional $700,000 totaling $1.4 million. $1.3 million will go towards purchasing the park and the additional $100,000 for the feasibility report and the renderings of the design which Para will be conducting.

Murray hopes to have a set plan by the end of the year.

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