By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Sheila O’Connor and Web Reporter Danielle Waddell

Alabama’s Legislature is considering a new bill that could alter highway traffic.

State Rep. Phillip Pettus is sponsoring a bill that limits how long drivers can travel in the left lane of highways and interstates. If passed, drivers will be limited to a mile and a half in the left lane.

Alabama’s current law allows drivers to travel in the left lane without limitation, as long as they switch lanes for oncoming traffic.

Pettus said he hopes the bill will stop drivers from weaving in and out of lanes and create a safer environment on the road.

“Over the years I noticed that there was a big problem with drivers ruling the left lane,” Pettus said. “What it does is it takes traffic and makes it unsafe for other drivers. Other drivers are trying to get around, whipping in and out of lanes, and it’s road rage. People get mad because they’re riding in the left lane.”

If the bill passes, Pettus said signs will be put in place to inform drivers of the change. There will also be a 60-day grace period in which officers will only issue warnings.

Not all drivers agree with the bill. One driver said she thinks the bill should be more specific.

“I think what he is thinking is awesome and I am all for being safe on the road,” the driver said. “I think he needs to possibly look into a more specific plan because I just don’t see how he could possibly implement something like that.”

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