Propaganda tool? Bargaining chip? What North Korea may have in mind for Travis King

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A North Korean military guard post, background, and a South Korean post, front, are seen in Paju South Korea, Thursday, July 20, 2023. North Korea wasn't responding Thursday to U.S. attempts to discuss the American soldier who bolted across the heavily armed border and whose prospects for a quick release are unclear at a time of high military tensions and inactive communication channels. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

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SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – So what will North Korea do about the first U.S. soldier in decades to flee into its territory?

Its official media have yet to mention Pvt. Travis King, there’s little precedent for his situation and guesses about the country’s next steps vary widely. Analysts say how long King stays in North Korea will likely depend on whether North Koreans find a way to spin his story for their own propaganda.

Some believe that a swift release from North Korea is not in the cards for King as Pyongyang might try to use him as a bargaining chip to wrest concessions from Washington.

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7/21/2023 9:19:05 AM (GMT -5:00)

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