For teachers who are now transitioning to online classes, it’s not as easy as just putting the material and PowerPoints online.

Lisa Matherson with the University of Alabama’s Distance Learning program said with online content, less is more. Matherson explained that it’s all about how the students work with the material and that lessons should be spread out to a few hours over multiple days, instead of one seven-hour day.

“If you’re going to do something, adapt that new pedagogy,” she said. “Look at your critical standards for teachers that they must teach the rest of the year and design more of an open-based lessons that student can engage in, that has them engaging in that lesson for just a few hours a week rather than hours per day, and that they can show mastery of that lesson through the activities you design.”

Matherson said experts or educators of any grade level can contact UA Distance Learning for help. Just email them at

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