POW Alex Drueke honored by Tuscaloosa City Council

TUSCALOOSA -Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox honored former prisoner of war Alex Drueke during Tuesday’s Tuscaloosa City Council meeting.

Maddox presented a proclamation dedicated to Drueke’s sacrifice and dedication to Ukraine and its people.

Drueke was taken into custody by Russian forces in June and held for 104 days before he was released during a prisoner exchange mediated by the Saudi government. Now, he’s back home in Tuscaloosa recovering.

Maddox said the city is thanking him is not only for his commitment to Ukrainians, but for the honor he brought to America.

“The fact that he decided when he saw the war in Ukraine and saw the attack on freedom-loving people in Ukraine, he decided to do something about it,” said Maddox.

Drueke was presented with the proclamation alongside his family.

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