By Danielle Bjorlo, WVUA 23 Staff

A new ordinance banning the use of e-cigarettes was approved at the Tuscaloosa County Commission meeting Wednesday.

The new rule prohibits the use of e-cigarettes and other smokeless forms of tobacco inside county buildings.

“It is required for people using e-cigarettes or other smokeless cigarettes to go to the designated areas outside the buildings to use those types of cigarettes,” Tuscaloosa County Administrator Melvin Vines said.

The commission approved the new policy because it affects co-workers even if they are not inhaling the smoke, Vines said.

If employees choose to smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes or other forms of smokeless tobacco, they are required to go designated smoking areas outside of the buildings.

“It probably doesn’t present the most professional posture for employees to be using those cigarettes while they work with the public,” Vines said.

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