Police enforce new safety regulations in Tuscaloosa


It’s no secret the University of Alabama draws a crowd, especially with fall classes and Alabama football returning soon. With crowds at the University of Alabama, crowds at the Strip just off campus are inevitable.

That’s why the Tuscaloosa City Council is already making plans for fall and beyond, said District 4 Tuscaloosa City Council Member Lee Busby.

“Students and bars are not a new phenomenon in Tuscaloosa. That’s been going on since 1840, the biggest issue right now is we have a shortage of police officers,” said Busby.

Because the Tuscaloosa Police Department is experiencing understaffing, Busby said the council won’t be approving any new bars through the end of the year.

“We have temporarily put a moratorium on new bars that is up through the end of December. We will issue no new licenses for bars, that gives us time to think and now we are exploring some adjustments to operating hours,” said Busby.

On Wednesday, TPD announced new regulations for towing, loitering and firearms on the Strip.

“We want to make sure on a football game weekend you don’t have your car broken into, car stolen, things like that. We are going to make it as safe as possible because we want everybody coming to Tuscaloosa and having a good time,” said TPD Assistant Chief of Police Heath Clark.

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