By Alexa Armstrong

For this year’s Thanksgiving, take away the stress of last minute cooking and start planning and preparing now.

WVUA 23 spoke with Christine Gallery, the Food Editor-in-Large for, and she told us her plan for a stress free Thanksgiving,

First, plan out your menu. Figure out what dished you want to cook and all the ingredients you need.

Second, categorize those ingredients into two lists. One list for less perishable items and a second list for fresh items. Next, take your first list and hit the grocery store. Go ahead and buy these items so you can beat the crazy lines later in the week. Your second list should be purchased a day or two before Thanksgiving.

.Third, clean out your refrigerator. Get rid of all your leftovers and make room for your new groceries.

Get the kids involved with the cooking. Kids of all ages can help out by mashing potatoes, trimming green beans with their hands and older kids can help measure spices.


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