Pilfered poultry plucked from private school picked up, put back

Stoken Chickens Returns

The dozen missing chickens taken from Bear Creek Academy in Tuscaloosa are back home safe and sound. Well, most of them, anyway.

Last week, the school spread word of the missing chickens and offered a $900 reward to anyone who brought them back.

Tuesday afternoon, WVUA 23 News learned that 10 of the chickens had been returned.

“It feels great. They were gone and I was just sad,” said Bear Creek student Quinn Miller. “Now they are back and I get to sit here with Allen, my baby. I still wish we could have Eggueridita and Fishy back.”

Bear Creek Principal Monica Rodgers said she’s not giving up hope on the final missing birds.

“We really miss those two girls,” Rodgers said. “We are so happy for the ones who are back. We are so thankful for the Beckhams, who found and brought our hens back to us. Now, we really need everybody to bring our other two girls home.”

Rodgers said she could see an immediate difference in students’ personalities since their beloved chickens came home to roost.

“There was this cloud of worry and upset and anger,” Rodgers said.  “Believe it or not, but all the students were going through the stages of grief. (On Tuesday), everybody stayed late so they could spend time (with the returned chickens).”

Rodgers told WVUA 23 earlier this week that the students have been involved with the chickens since day one. These days, they’re closer to pets than a classroom project.

Beer Creek Academy is offering a $500 reward for the two hens that are still missing. If you have any information about the birds, call 205-737- 7282.

School administrators are offering to buy new chickens for whoever took their birds, and they won’t press charges if chickens are returned safe and sound.

Rodgers said their next step is updating the school’s security system.

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