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The doors are open for the new career center in Pickens County, and all students are welcome.

This $7 million investment has a goal: Creating opportunity for the children in the community.

“We’ve got good people in Pickens County,” said Pickens County Schools Superintendent Jamie Chapman. “Good parents that produce good students and all they need is opportunity.”

“High school is mainly there to teach you every subject,” said Pickens County Academy student Judson Stanfill. “This is going to teach you different jobs and how to do them.”

The career center provides hands on education for automotive, welding, healthcare science and computer science careers.

Chapman also said “It teaches you how to be on time, you have to follow a strict dress code, and things like that.”
The career center acts as a place for students that don’t see college in their future.

“Like here you can get a degree for where you can just go ahead and get a job straight out of here,” Milton Noland, Pickens County Academy.

Currently around 350 students are involved with the program, but the center welcomes more students looking for opportunity.

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