With prom season approaching, Pickens County High School held its fourth annual Fatal Decision Day to show how one decision  can change someone’s life, and sometimes be fatal.

Every two years, Pickens County hosts their decision day. This year, the event focused on teaching students the consequences of impaired driving.

“We started the day out with a fatal crash reenactment, and we hope that this is the only experience that the students will have to encounter,” said Alabama State Trooper Reginal King. “Of course traffic fatalities do happen and we’re just trying to put it on the forefront of their minds to prevent them from being in a fatal traffic crash.”

Students were also able to ask questions to law enforcement who have experience with accidents. They also watched videos of accidents and experienced firsthand the dangers of driving drunk using drunk goggles on golf carts.

“We’re just real with them,” said Jamie Chapman, the superintendent of Pickens County. “I mean there’s no sugar coating a fatal accident that happens. The video that was shown at ALEA, I mean you can’t reenact that. It’s actual footage and the kids are exposed to it, and we just talk real talk to them.”

Students like junior Tyquane Wright realized that they have to think carefully every time they are behind the wheel.

“I wasn’t planning on having alcohol anyway,” said Wright. “It gonna change me by speeding and stuff like that on the road, especially if you have a fast car going to prom. People are going to tell you or try to influence you to do things that you really want to do, but can’t do, because your life is in jeopardy and you got to think about your parents also.”

King said that with fatalities happening every day, everywhere, it is important to be cautious when behind the wheel.

“We’ve had a fatal accident affect every community in this county I know in five years since I’ve been superintendent and we just tell them don’t matter what your zip code is, it can happen to you,” said Chapman.

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