Tuscaloosa county sheriff’s office

“Sometimes there are letters, sometimes there are emails, sometimes there are telephone calls, it’s just really a variety of ways to contact people,” said TCSO Deputy Jessica McDaniel when mentioning the various communication platforms on which scams can occur.

A popular phone scam that’s been surfacing in Tuscaloosa County begins with a phone call, where the person calling claims you owe them money.

“A telephone scammer will tell you need to go to a CVS and pick up an itunes card, a Green Dot card and provided them the code. Someone will identify themselves as working with the sheriff’s office and say that you did not show up for jury duty and that you are being fined but you can clear this up by using the gift card,” McDaniel tells WVUA 23.

But, she says you should never provide any form of payment without doing your research first.

“Hang up the phone and contact the source they are claiming to be.”

It’s also important to look for warning signs of scams…here are some red flags from the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

“If someone contacts you after business hours, late night hours,f they want you to stay on the phone and not hang up, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

McDaniel wants to remind the public that most official businesses and agencies are like the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office in that they will never contact you by phone and ask you for money. that’s just something.


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