Last Spring, Parents complained that Holt High School Administrators turned the lights off just 15 minutes after graduation, while proud families were still taking photos.

Those complaints lead to a petition, for the Tuscaloosa County School Board to replace Holt High School

Principal Jacqueline McNealy and Assistant Principal Leann Feely.

The petition is asking for 500 signatures, as of Wednesday, 409 people have signed.

“If there’s something going on that we don’t know about, we cant respond to it. I would love for the Petitioners to make it clear to us you know what their concern is” says District One, Tuscaloosa County School Board Member Reverend Schmidt Moore.

Some parents believes this petition has no merit.

“I like her, my daughters seems to like her. She’s been real helpful to me this year with some issues that was going on with my child” says Nicole Griffin, Parent of a Holt High School Student.

“I’ve talked to her on a few occasions and she seems to have the knowledge about what she does and seems to really care about the kids alot” says Stanley Jones, Parent Of A Holt High School Student.

According to the petition, several Teachers left Holt High School because they felt unheard and unappreciated by the Administration.

Reverend Moore says the Teachers who left their jobs at Holt High School wanted to move.

He says one Teacher left due to a complaint.

Moore says the Tuscaloosa County School Board is satisfied with what they’re getting from the Holt High School Administration.

All I’m hearing is positive things coming from that Administration. The great love that’s demonstrated not only for the school but for the community. Teachers are responding to their Leadership. There are several Teachers who just have an investment in the Holt Community. They want to be there. Moore goes on to say grades are going up graduation rate is going up.

The Petitioners say they will deliver those signatures to Tuscaloosa County School Superintendent Dr. Walter Davie and School Board Member Reverend Schmidt Moore.

Principal Jacqueline McNealy says her Aministration has done a great job and they will continue to see progress at Holt High School.


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