Pet of the Week: Meet Phoenix

Phoenix is a handsome, extra-large cat who’s available for adoption through the Humane Society of West Alabama.

This guy has a smoky coat, meaning it’s black on top but white close to his skin, and he’s got an awkward little kink at the end of his tail.

The best thing about Phoenix, though, is that he’s not shy to tell you how he’s feeling. His vocal grumblings are close to constant, but that’s just how he expresses himself: All grumble, few meows. The HSWA Cat House volunteers have taken to calling this guy “Grumbledore” because he grumbles but has a heart of gold.

Check out Phoenix’s PetFinder listing right here. Curious about the other available cats? You can see them right here.

HSWA’s adoption fee is $75. You can read more about the adoption process right here.

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