Pet of the Week: Meet Larry

Larry 1

Larry is an awesome gentleman of a cat who deserves a great home and is looking for one with the help of the Humane Society of West Alabama.

There’s not a whole lot to say about Larry. He’s a big cat. One of his ears is tipped because he’s a former trap-neuter-release recipient who decided he’d much rather live with people than with his feral cat colony.

He adores rubbing on people’s legs and pets, but reverts to his feral ways when he gets picked up. So don’t pick him up unless it’s required.

If you’re interested in a low-key, simple guy to share your home with, Larry is a good choice.

You can learn more about Larry right here. If Larry isn’t your speed, you can see what other cats are available through HSWA right here.

HSWA’s adoption fee is $75. You can read more about the adoption process right here.

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