Pet of the Week: Meet Boots

Boots Pet Of The Week

This week’s Pet of the Week is the best cat in the world. If your goal in life is to be a superior being’s butler.

Boots is an intelligent queen of a cat who would most enjoy existing in a spacious and luxurious palace, or, barring that, a quiet home where she can sit at the window and contemplate the kingdom she rules.

If the lesser beings in the house have been very, very good, she may grace them with friendly head-butt or perhaps a contemplative stare devoid of contempt.

Alas, the moment shall pass quickly, as Boots is a capricious queen and the barest hint of ill manners will have her screaming “off with their heads!” In cat, of course. Boots is far too intelligent to debase herself by speaking in a human tongue.

The queen must have full control of her domain, and will not permit sharing her space with other non-human mammals. Said humans should be of an appropriate age, as Boots’ thirst for justice can and does come swiftly.

As she is a member of royalty, sometimes Boots will let you know of her ailments in a highly visible fashion. A faithful attendant of Boots might consider helping her find the right diet that ensures a long, lasting reign. And fewer “incidents.”

Boots is negative for FIV and FeLK, is fully vaccinated and is incapable of creating any heirs.

Because she deserves it, her adoption fee at the Humane Society of West Alabama is sponsored. You can read more about her right here, if you are so inclined.

If you’re not quite up to the task of waiting on a queen, HSWA has many other pets available for adoption.

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