Pelosi opens up about attack on husband: ‘I was very scared’

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paul pelosi

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held back tears as she spoke for the first time about being awakened by Capitol Police rushing to inform her of the attack on her husband.

Pelosi tells CNN she was alseep when she heard pounding on the door at her Washington apartment.

“I was very scared,” Pelosi told CNN in an interview airing Monday.

The Democratic leader is opening up on the eve of the midterm elections about the brutal attack amid rising threats of violence against lawmakers.

Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was bludgeoned with a hammer after authorities said an intruder broke into the family’s San Francisco home looking for the speaker in a politically-motivated attack.

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11/7/2022 4:26:26 PM (GMT -6:00)


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