Walt Maddox Working On Elevate Tuscaloosa

After an unsuccessful run for Alabama governor, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox is taking what he’s learned and applying it to the city. WVUA 23’s Jabaree Prewitt sat down with Maddox for a discussion on his future plans in this three-part special report.

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox is the city’s 36th mayor, and he’s been in that office since 2005. After scoring the Democratic nomination for the 2018 Alabama governor’s race, Maddox was bested by Republican incumbent Gov. Kay Ivey. But the venture wasn’t a total loss, Maddox said, because he learned a lot during his campaign travels. And now he’s applying that knowledge to Tuscaloosa. “I got to see the state and I got to see where Tuscaloosa is ahead of communities,” Maddox said. “But I also saw things in other communities, I thought, you know that is a lesson we can learn from.” Maddox said that regardless of the outcome of the general election, he considered himself a winner. The campaign gave him one of the greatest professional development opportunities of his life, he said, and he’s not wasting that this personal growth. “It’s just another step in learning about leadership and learning about how you organize,” Maddox said. “Learning about how you would govern and to be more fluent on state issues certainly will help me in local issues here being the mayor of Tuscaloosa.” The possibility of running for governor again or even a higher office isn’t completely closed off, but Maddox currently isn’t considering it. He said after the additional work and stress he and his family endured during the campaign, it isn’t something he would consider lightly. Maddox said that he feels like he has done a great job as mayor of Tuscaloosa and he hopes to keep the job for as long as possible. “That’s the job I do every day for the city of Tuscaloosa,” Maddox said. “And if I continue to do a good job for the people who pay my salary, I imagine those rumors are always going to circulate and I hope they do. Not in a very selfish or egotistical way, I hope they do because that means we’re going a good job. It’s when people say we don’t even know if he will be mayor again, that’s when you need to start worrying. I love being mayor of Tuscaloosa and again, in the short term I would find it hard to believe that I would be doing that in the short term, who knows.”

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