A man convicted of a 1980 murder must wait five more years before trying to make parole again, but the family of the victim will be protesting his release as they have since their loved one’s death.

Today in Montgomery, parole was denied to Charles Michael Brewer, who was convicted of killing 20-year-old Lynn Holland nearly 40 years ago.

Lynn’s sister Janet Holland Edmonds was at the parole hearing today, pleading with officers to make sure Brewer stays behind bars. They listened, just as they have for the last half-dozen times Brewer has been up for parole.

“As hard as these things are for me, I know she’s in heaven proud of me for doing it for her,” Edmonds said.

Today in the courtroom, Edmonds spoke on behalf of her family, and also read words written by Wanda Smith, a woman Brewer was convicted of trying to kill more than 40 years ago.

But no amount of time in prison can bring back what he took.

“I’ve had four daughters,” Edmond said. “They don’t get an aunt. She would have been there for every occasion.”

And in five years, she’ll be there again, Edmonds said.

“His last breath should be in prison,” she said. “He’s been in prison a long time, but she’s been dead longer.”

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