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Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox has ordered all city parks to be closed daily from dusk until dawn.

The executive order went into effect Wednesday, and city departments are helping the Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority block entry into city-owned parks during the closures.

In addition, park rangers will be patrolling parks during the day so they can disperse any crowds of 25 people or more.

Read the full release below:

City of Tuscaloosa Mayor Orders City Parks to be Closed Daily from Dusk until Dawn
Tuscaloosa, AL – In an ongoing effort to promote the health and welfare of the residents of Tuscaloosa in light of COVID-19, Mayor Walt Maddox has issued an Executive Order to close all City of Tuscaloosa owned parks to the public nightly from dusk until dawn.

This order was issued by the Mayor on March 18 and is effective as of dusk on March 18. City departments have been instructed to assist PARA in implementing this order by providing assets for obstructing vehicular and pedestrian entries into City owned parks during these times.

Additionally, park rangers employed by the Tuscaloosa Parks and Recreation Authority (PARA) will patrol City owned parks during daylight hours and disperse any crowds of 25 or more people, in accordance with Alabama Department of Public Health Recommendations.

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