Collins Riverside Lockers

Students at Collins-Riverside Middle School were excused from classes today after a student brought a gun the day before with the intention of selling it.

Parents, however, are concerned not enough is being done to alert them when there’s an issue at school.

School officials said they received the first reports of a potential weapon on campus around midday Thursday. Those reports came from students who said they’d heard about the gun but hadn’t seen it.

The student accused of bringing a gun to the school was taken to the principal’s office before the student was removed from the school.

Sheriff’s deputies then searched the school’s buildings and found nothing, so the school day at Collins-Riverside Middle School continued like normal. But students later reported seeing the gun and the student’s mother reported her gun missing, so that resulted in another search.

An automated notification went out to parents around 6:30 p.m. Thursday to all Collins-Riverside parents, school officials said, and deputies found the gun a few hours later near one of the school’s outer buildings.

“Law enforcement was there,” said Tuscaloosa County School System Superintendent Walter Davie. “The students who was identified was contained immediately. That was the only information we had, and there was no other person involved at that time. The student was taken off campus immediately, so there was not a reason at that point to suggest there was anything more to it than that.”


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