PARA requests help covering renovations at golf course

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Gracie Johnson

The Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority is looking for help updating Ol’ Colony Golf Course.

PARA requested $47,580 from the Tuscaloosa County Commission Wednesday, and they’ll be using that money for new sand for the golf course’s bunkers. The renovations are coming ahead of two major events happening at the golf course later this year: an NCAA Regional event in May and an Epson Tour event later in the year.

“The University of Alabama is hosting a regional once again, so it will be really impactful for the golf industry and our community,” said Ol’ Colony Director John Gray. “The County Commission and the Tuscaloosa City Council both have helped us with this process to ensure that we are able to finish it and present Ol’ Colony in the best light possible.”

Gray said he’s hopeful that the community will come out to show support to the athletes, as well as see the improvements made to their community.

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