PARA hosting spring break camps

Summer Camp

Spring break is less than one month away for most West Alabamians, and if you’re a parent who works that means finding a place for your children is important.

Both Tuscaloosa city and county schools have spring break from March 13 through March 17, which is the same as the University of Alabama.

The Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority is hosting a spring break day camp program open to children in kindergarten through sixth grade.

PARA’s Public Relations and Marketing Manager Becky Booker said it’s important for kids to have a place to go while their parents are at work.

“It’s important to have a safe place for kids to come where they can be engaged, they can discover some new things, meet friends,” Booker said. “They might go to school with this group of friends and then go to day camp with a new group.”

Children do not have to come to the camp every day.

“We have parents that work, or you might go on vacation for three days but not for five days,” Booker said.

PARA takes care of between 500 and 600 children on any given day. Booker said they have access to places other camps might not.

“One of the nice things about PARA day camps is that we can have access to our facilities,” Booker said. “So you might go swimming one day, you might be in a park another day. If it’s raining, we have indoor options that are available. The schedule is online, it’s very easy for parents to look at to see what their kids are engaged in every day. And it’s a whole lot of fun.”

The price for PARA members is $20 day per participant.  The price for non-members is $24 per day per participant.

You can learn more about the camps or sign up right here.

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