Outside the Huddle: Greensboro football is dressed for success

The Greensboro Raiders football program is committed to looking its best in 2022.

The Raiders are partnering with Greensboro boutique, Innovation Fashion, to get dress suits for the players, coaches, and staff.

“Our coaching staff, we were like: we look really good when we go places together, what about when we go to games,” said Greensboro head coach Winston Johnson. “That is what sparked the whole idea of, we need to dress up.”

The Raiders will wear their suits when they travel to road games. The formal attire look is similar to what fans see on “College Gamedays” with Alabama and Auburn players suits and ties.

“When we get off the bus, we have our bags in our left hand, pads and our helmet in our right hand,” said Tyler Taylor, a junior defensive tackle. “Look forward. Don’t talk to the crowd. Acting professional. Getting us ready for college.”

Greensboro’s head coach hopes the message is not simply: look good, feel good. Coach Johnson says the community is showing faith and trust in the young men, and the bright future they look to create.

“We have to show them around our community that they are worth it (and) the only way to show them that they are worth it is by having that support — outside support,” Johnson said. “Outside their houses, outside the classroom. They need to see that the people who pay those $10 come see us play are really bought in to seeing them play. And that is what they haven’t been doing.”

The Greensboro Raiders (1-4, 1-2) lost to Prattville Christian Academy, 28-14 on Friday night.

Next week, Greensboro hosts R.C. Hatch in a non-region game.

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