By Tianna Jenkins, WVUA 23 Student Reporter

TUSCALOOSA – New York Times bestselling author Christina Baker Kline will be in Tuscaloosa for a presentation on her novel “Orphan Train”.

The presentation is free and will take place at Tuscaloosa Public Library on Thursday, October 15th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m..

Kline will be signing books and will hold a power point presentation for her fans. Tuscaloosa Public Library’s director of communications and public relations, Vince Bellofatto, is excited because “Orphan Train” was such a hit last year.

“Whenever we have an opportunity to bring in a New York Times bestselling author there’s excitement in the air”, Bellafatto said.  “Because you actually get to see the process and ask the actual author questions about how the book was developed, research that went into it and the overall process of it”.

Tuscaloosa Public Library will also be hosting a special lunch with Kline.

Tickets are $25. For more information on either of the events (205) 345-5820 ext. 1110



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