Plane Crash00000001

The National Transportation Safety Board says a full investigation into the Tuscaloosa County plane crash that killed six people Sunday will take at least a year.

According to flight records, the Navajo PA31 was traveling about 108 knots, or about 124 miles an hour when it crashed just feet from the runway it was trying to land on.

The pilot and his wife, Drs. Jason and Lea Farese, leave behind three children younger than 11, the youngest of which just began kindergarten. Dr. Michael and Kimberly Perry and Dr. Austin and Angie Poole also died in the crash, which happened around 11:20 Sunday morning. The group was flying from Kissimmee, Florida, back to Oxford, Mississippi.

Rafael Cabello has more than 10 years of flight experience and said he’s owned the same plane model that crashed Sunday.

“It’s a very capable aircraft, and I flew the family and my friends,” he said. “It’s safe, strong, capable, nimble and as big as it is, it’s very easy to fly.”

The plane went down in a public park run by PARA, and the crash site will be reopened to the public after the preliminary investigation. Investigators said the remains of the deceased no longer in the plane.

Now, a lengthy investigation begins into the crash’s cause. The NTSB’s initial report will take about 10 days, but a full report won’t be released for at least a year.

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