Officer Kennis Croom: hero and organ donor

Officer Kennis Croom died a hero in more ways than one.

He gave his life protecting his community and today continues to give life through organ and tissue donation.

“Kennis always wanted to be a police officer,” Tuscaloosa Police Deputy Chief Sebo Sanders said.

“He was young and energetic. Just a wonderful guy. Always smiling. Pleasant.”

Selfless to the very end, Meridian Police Officer Kennis Croom, 30, was killed June 9th while responding to a domestic call where he likely saved four children.

Croom’s legacy will live on through those like Sanders , but also through his decision to be an organ and tissue donor.

Dr. Latoya R. Bishop from Legacy of Hope, Alabama’s organ, eye and tissue donor registry, said a person like Croom can save as many as eight lives by donating their organs.

“You can donate your heart, kidney, liver, intestines , pancreas and then you have two kidneys and two lungs, so that’s where the number eight comes from,” she explained.

Sanders has known Kennis since Croom’s dream of becoming a police officer began. He described him as a caring, generous person.

“It is not surprising to see him being a donor to have someone else go on and lived their legacy like he lived his,” he said.

In a statement provided to WVUA 23, Dr. Kelvin Croom said his son worked to make the world a better place.

“I’m thankful my son could help others through donation, as he always said that this is something that he wanted to do for others,” he said.

Dr. Bishop reminded us we don’t have to wait until it’s time to renew our driver’s license to become an organ donor. You can visit their website anytime to learn more about this life-saving decision.

Officer’s Croom’s funeral service will be held Saturday, June 18th at 1:00 PM on Shelton State Community College’s Martin Campus. Click here to view the full arrangements.

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