Moundville Manhunt

The off-duty Hale County Sheriff’s Deputy was having coffee across the street at County Line Grocery when he saw the robbery occurring.
The officer exchanged fire with the suspect as he was running away.
The gunman also shot at Alex Grisham and Eric Yarbrough who were attempting to assist the deputy.

“We were coming in here to get something to eat when the guy in the store said a guy is over there robbing the Chevron. we looked over and he was on the counter. When he came out we all took off after him down that way. He stopped right there and took a shot at us,” said Grisham.

The suspect is described as a black male in his early 20’s wearing all black.
He was last seen at the the intersection of County Line Road and Highway 69 South.
Savannah Hodge works next door to the Chevron at KC Drug.
When the events unfolded, she couldn’t believe her eyes or her ears!

We spoke with Hodge shortly after she saw the suspect.

She had this to say, “I heard a loud noise. I kind of thought somebody had hit something. Maybe a wreck and then I saw a man run across with a ski mask on and a pistol in his hand. At that time, I realized it was a pistol shooting- shots fired.”

Moundville Police were assisted by the Hale and Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Departments and Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

“Our schools were locked down, the stores in the immediate area were put on soft lock-down. They quit conducting business at the time.”

-Chief Ken Robertson-Moundville PD

“We put out on social media. we’ve actually got officers going out into the neighborhoods locally on the p-a going door to door telling individuals to make sure to stay locked in your area. stat locked in your house. if you see something suspicious. if you see this potentional suspect, call 911 immediately and pass that information on.”

-Sheriff Ron Abernathy -Tuscaloosa County

The suspect was tracked by K-9 units to a pumping station in Hale County after the suspect’s mask and shoes were found.
The scent line ended there and authorities believe the suspect may have been picked up at this location.
A patrol search of the area in still ongoing.

If you have any information on the suspect please contact Moundville Police Department at (205) 371 – 2218

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