Oak Village residents brace for more rain, wind

A week after Hale County’s Oak Village suffered through severe storms, evidence of progress abounds.

“Cleanup is going remarkably well,” said Hale County Emergency Management Agency Director Russell Weeden. “We had a lot of volunteers come in and clean up the debris. It looks a lot different than it did last week.”

Drastic steps couldn’t happen without all the help from storm victims’ families, friends, neighbors and even strangers.

“We have been cutting up a lot of debris and are fixing to start burning debris,” volunteer James Elliott said. “It is real important to me because if it happened to me, I know they would be there for me.”

Several people at Oak Village remain living in their damaged homes.

“We went out to everyone that had damage to make sure they had tarps,” Weeden said. “We gave out about 75 tarps yesterday so everyone would be prepared for the rain (Wednesday night).”

Butch Carpenter’s home wound up with minor damage, but his brother and a friend lost everything. It’s times like this that Carpenter is reminded of how wonderful and loved his community is, he said.

“This neighborhood has always been the kind to pull together when things happen,” Carpenter said. “We just start over, pretty much. (After) the tornado that hit in November, people went up and helped, then they came down here and helped this time. It is kind of a common thing.”

If you’d like to financially assist any of the Oak Village community, a fund has been set up at Citizens Bank in Greensboro.

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