Nursing Home Parade

Visitors are always a welcome sight at Park Manor Health and Rehabilitation.  But due to COVID-19 restrictions, guests are not allowed.

The result?  A parade of vehicles created a caravan in front of the facility on Wednesday.  Friends, family, and loved ones drove their cars slowly past, as patients watched happily from the front porch.  Ashley McGee, Park Manor Administrator, was excited to see the patients out in the sunshine enjoying themselves.

“We’re just so excited to let them come out of the facility,” McGee said, “even though they can’t have any contact, just seeing a little bit of face to face makes all the difference in the world.”

One of the residents is from elsewhere, and did not have family who could visit.  A local motorcycle group was glad to step up as the special guests for that particular patient.  It was a special moment for visitors, patients, and guests.

“It’s an emotional parade,” McGee said.

Park Manor is located near the intersection of Highways 82 and 69 in Northport.

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