Nothport Mayor Bobby Herndon announces resignation

Bobby Herndon

By WVUA23 News Student Reporter Gracie Fusco

NORTHPORT – Mayor Bobby Herndon shocked the residents of Northport with his unexpected resignation. The Northport City Council voted 3-2 to accept Herndon’s resignation.

Herndon has served the city of Northport as mayor for the past 14 years.

“I told folks if I can’t even get something as simple as this to acknowledge my citizens then I don’t need to be mayor,” said Herndon.

The announcement came after the Northport City Council denied his request to rename 28th Street to Benevolent Way to honor the good the citizens of Northport have done. Herndon’s office is on this street, and that’s where he regularly collects relief items for areas dealing with disaster.

“It got to me when Councilman Washington made the motion to approve my request,” said Herndon. “Then the other four council members didn’t say a word, didn’t second the motion, so it just died.”

Many Northport citizens were confused about why he chose top resign.

Herndon will serve as mayor until Dec. 31 of this year.


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