Civic Hall Of Fame

Reporting by WVUA 23’s Allison Underwood

The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama annually honors citizens who have contributed to bettering the Tuscaloosa community. This afternoon, citizens that have made compelling improvements to Tuscaloosa County were recognized. 

The following seven honorees were honored at the Tuscaloosa River Market today:

  • Benjamin H. Barnes
  • Peter and Ellen Bryce
  • Cynthia W. Burton
  • Robert Wayne Monfore, Jr.
  • Robert H. “Bob” Shaw, Jr.
  • Dennis Steverson, Sr.
  • Karen Thompson-Jackson

WVUA 23 News works closely twice a year with Thompson-Jackson, the director of Temporary Emergency Services, by helping with donations for its fan and heater drives. Thompson-Jackson said she and TES are excited to receive this great honor.

“We work,” she said. “I say ‘we’ because any award I get belongs to Temporary Services, it belongs to the community, it belongs to all of us. Because we get up every morning and all we do is go to work. We are doing what we do and to be noticed is a humbled feeling.”

In 2011, the Chamber revealed a wall at Government Plaza recognizing citizens who have been inducted into the Civic Hall of Fame and the people honored today will be the newest members of the monument.

Shaw said he is thankful to be a part of helping the community in a positive way.

“It’s a real privilege and I am humbled by the honor,” Shaw said. “I am also very blessed that my employer AmSouth Bank and my family are very helpful giving me time to do civic things in the community.”

After the induction ceremony, there was a reception celebrating those who were honored.

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