Northridge’s Jada Conner is the epitome of student-athlete

By WVUA 23 Sports Reporter Drew Pavan

There’s a notion surrounding today’s young student-athletes that they should focus on sports first, everything else later. But Northridge High School track standout Jada Conner is changing that narrative by ensuring she doesn’t lose sight of what matters most.

“My freshman year, I didn’t know how to do a lot of stuff,” but what I do now is put everything into my phone to keep a very tight and organized schedule,” said Conner. “I have had to always account when I want to spend time with friends and family, while never losing sight of what matters the most to me.”

While Connor has been a remarkable athlete, her true success has come in the classroom and her impact on her peers.

“Everything she had outside and in the weight room, just a super girl, not just all that of an athlete,” said Northridge Head Track and Field Coach Jeff Sparks. “She’s the class president, she’s smart and gifted in a lot of areas.”

Connor is a multi-time state champion and one of the best discus throwers in Alabama, but next year she’s stepping away from the game so she can focus on academics. At Auburn University, she’ll be studying biochemistry on the pre-med track, but her college goals never affected her commitment to Northridge.

“We thought, oh well, we’re not gonna be able to count on her, but it was just the opposite of that,” said Sparks. “She went forward, did all the work she needed to do and was competitive for us this year.”

Next year, Connor will be part of the Auburn powerlifting team. As for her impact on the future? We know she’ll make a difference whereever she goes.

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