By Student Reporter Jack Royer

TUSCALOOSA- It’s just over a month after the Tuscaloosa City School Board voted to approve the strategic plan proposed by Superintendent Dr. Paul McKendrick, and problems are already arising.

The plan means that of Northridge High School’s 60 football players, roughly 40 will be moving to a different school for the 2016-2017 season, according to a source within Tuscaloosa City Schools.

One of those players, Gary Quarles, is entering his junior year this fall. Come fall, he’ll be carrying the football for Bryant High School, a fierce rival to his current team, the Northride Jaguars. Monday, Quarles and his father voiced their displeasure with the school board’s plan to rezone the district, forcing him to change schools prior to his junior season.

The plan was voted on and approved in a December school board meeting.

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