Northport Sales Tax

Originally reported by WVUA 23 reporter Grace Campbell

The Northport City Council held a public hearing to hear residents’ thoughts and concerns of a possible sales tax increase.

Residents are hoping if the proposal goes into effect, the city will see improvements in its infrastructure, recreational facilities for the youth, and improvements to roads. Shawn Blackburn, a Northport resident said the city is a diamond in the rough, and there is potential to make the city even better.

“I think, just as most, increasing the sales tax is sometimes hard to swallow, but when we take a look at Northport and what it can do to benefit our city, I think it is needed, I think it is required,” Blackburn said.

Another concern amongst residents is where would the money go. Northport’s Mayor, Donna Aaron said if there’s a one cent sales tax increase, it would improve people’s lives down the road.

“If they step back and look at the big picture, they will understand that it really is geared to help them and improve the lives of our city,” Aaron said.

The city council is hopeful for positive results if they approve the sales tax increase. It said it will take into account the concerns of their residents and will vote on the proposed sales tax increase on Monday, Aug. 5.

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