Northport residents file lawsuit over business oil spill

Palmetto Street

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kyrsten Eller

A dozen residents who live off Mitt Lary Road in Northport have filed a lawsuit against a nearby business, saying diesel fuel, oil, raw sewage and other contaminants are leaking onto their property.

Back in April, the residents said they witnessed crews working along a creek behind Burgess Equipment Repair and that some kind of oil leak had made its way down the hill and behind their homes.

They’re being represented by local attorney Ward Pearson, who said in addition to the leaks, the business is accused of burning industrial waste that causes irritating smoke for the residents.

“At this point, we’ve done only a preliminary look and we did not find that they had permission to do any of those things,” said Pearson. “But again, I’m not sure where located permissions are necessarily required. We’re simply looking at it from how it adversely affected my clients and this is in the interest of the community in that area.”

Pearson said his clients have complained of headaches and nausea related to the odor, and an environmental consultant who provided preliminary testing found proof of oil and diesel contamination along clients’ backyards.

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