Northport residents continue efforts to save community center

Northport Community Center

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Jake Smith

Some Northport residents remain immovable against the proposed sale of the Northport Community Center.

Several people showed up at Monday’s Northport City Council meeting wearing shirts with “Save the Northport Community Center” written on them.

Northport City Council is waiting to see proposals for the space. Once the proposals come in, the council will decide whether or not to sell the center and adjoining park.

If the property is sold, residents will lose a popular recreation location. Dozens of older residents gather every Thursday and Friday evening at the community center for line dancing; where they’ll go after the center’s closure Sept. 30 is hasn’t been decided.

“We have not found anything in Northport and we have a lot of seniors who live in Northport,” said Ladell Beasley, who said she frequently visits the community center. “They can’t drive across to Tuscaloosa. Of course (the Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority) offered us their facilities, but it’s in Tuscaloosa. We have people who are 80 to 90 years old who stopped driving and won’t drive there at night because they are afraid.”

There is a six-month due diligence period which started in June.  It should wrap up by the end of November.

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