With every new year comes a new way for scammers to try separating you from your hard-earned money. This year, thieves are targeting Netflix customers.

The Northport Police Department released a statement on Facebook warning the public of possible phishing attempts via email. Phishing is a process where scammers email, call or mail potential targets purporting to be from reputable companies. Phishing emails often ask for sensitive customer information such as credit card numbers or social security numbers.

In this scam, an email asks customers to update their Netflix membership information via a link embedded in the email. That link directs to a page that looks like an official Netflix page but is designed to steal customer information, including:

  • •Name on credit card
    •Card Number
    •Card Expiration Date
    •Card Security Code
    •Social Security Number

Netflix will never ask for such details via an email, and the company offers tips on its website about protecting yourself from phishing attempts here.

Assistant Chief of Northport Police Keith Carpenter said he wants consumers to be aware of this scam and others.

“If you see something asking for your personal information, what I would do is call the company that you have that account with and speak with them directly,” he said. “Don’t respond to those emails.”

If you ever get an email and are concerned about its legitimacy, do not click any links in that email. Instead, go to the website directly, and log in to check your account from there.

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