Did you know Northport Police Department provides a class on active shooter situations?

It’s called “Run, Hide, Fight,” and it means exactly what it sounds like.
If you find yourself in an active shooter situation and you can run and get away, be sure you take that opportunity. Leave the building or premises as quickly and as safely as possible, bringing others who are in danger with you. If evacuating isn’t an option, hide. Lock yourself and others in a room.
Create barriers between you and doors hiding behind large objects.
You can even use clothing pieces like a belt or a neck tie to secure doors.
As a last resort, fight. Use anything you can find as a weapon, and act with aggression.

Lt. Keith Carpenter with Northport Police Department says there is a growing interest in their course.

“As many active shooters as we seem to have going on, I think it’s very important that people educate themselves to come up with a plan prior to this occurring if they can. People want to be knowledgeable as to ways to protect themselves and try to save their life or family members or loved ones.”

City of Northport employees had the chance to take the Run, Hide, Fight course in 2014.
Public Relations Coordinator Julie Ramm is thankful she received the training  me she’s carried information she learned during that course with her each say since.

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