Eighteen-year-old Jerramey White wakes up each morning with a purpose, to make it to his job at Which Wich sandwich shop in Midtown Village. Sometimes getting there can be hard on him. He lives over two miles away from his work place and did not have his own transportation…that is until October when he met Northport Police Officer Sgt. Carrie Baker.

Baker and White met when she offered him a ride to work after seeing him running to his job from McFarland Boulevard. Baker admired the young man’s determination and says she, “just had to help him out.”

Baker took to social media asking for help to get Jerramey a form of transportation.

She and other supporters surprised Jerramey during his work shift that same day with a new bike, helmet and accessories. He told WVUA 23, “It made a big impression on me. I feel way better know cause I got a bike. It’s a good feeling that it’s mine and I can go to work. It’s reliable to me. Nobody has ever done anything like that for me.”

Jerramey now has a new bike and a new perception of law enforcement.

“I thought police were always bad,” he told us.

In return, all Sgt. Baker asked of Jerramey is that he pay it forward.
He told WVUA 23 he plans to do just that.
“Next time I see somebody in need, I’m going to help them out the same way Mrs. Carrie helped me out.”
Jerramey is working at Which Wich and getting his G.E.D. through the Easter Seales’ Future Promise Problem.
He and Sgt. Baker plan on staying in touch.

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