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northport police department

With Christmas just over one week away, the biggest shopping season if the year is in full swing.

But not all gifts from from stores. More and more people are buying, selling and trading via online garage sale and marketplace sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

That’s why the Northport Police Department wants to remind locals that the department’s public safety building can also double as a safe spot to meet and make such transactions.

Northport Police Captain Keith Carpenter said people can even check in with an on-duty officer to ensure their safety.

“If you want to, come let the desk officer know that they will be doing something in the parking lot,” he said. “The only thing we try to discourage is the buying and selling the weapons in the front parking lot, but other than that you’re welcome to come by.”

Carpenter said the department doesn’t officer services to verify if an item is stolen or not.

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